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Beta Announcement!

Updated: May 28

After 8 or so months of hard work, testing, building, creating and tweaking, we are pleased to announce that the Beta is now upon us.

As of 1st June 2024 the server will be live for all who are whitelisted and with Beta role in the discord server to join.

Please note that at this time, all current vacancies for Beta are filled. We will advise if further vacancies crop up.

The Plan

The Beta will continue for a maximum or 2-3 months. The server will then close for final tweaks as well as the implementation of other mechanics we would like to add to the server but are not needed for Beta which we could estimate it being another 1-2 months, giving us an ideal Official Launch in 3-5 months.

There are a few things we want to make especially clear. This is a Beta Test, not an early access. We are not expecting every translation into English to be fully realised and there will undoubtedly be kinks in the scripts themselves for us to work through. We understand and share in the wanting to be fully engrossed within the RP and story as we also share in that want! However what we need in this Beta Test period is genuine 'play' of the server so that we can observe how people get on, what areas can be improved so that upon launch and onwards, we are in a better place for newcomers.

There will be a wipe of all property, inventory, horses, and buildings. From an RP perspective you can assume the temporary lease or rent of a property.

We will want to be almost giving away properties during Beta so people can get a full experience of the server and we can see how things are functioning from our end as well.

Continuity of stories.

The only element of your possession that'll receive a soft wipe will be money. There will be a maximum amount (we are estimating $200) that you'll be able to carry forwards into Launch. This should allow you to have a bit of spare cash to help you better re-attain any particular possessions lost you might want back and help you get the story back on the tracks.

We want you to be able to RP as you would normally, but there needs to be an adult understanding that we are letting this take place not just so you can get your hands on it, but so we can make the server better for us all as well, and only really through a genuine attempt at playing on the server can this really be achieved. Think of it a bit like game testing, there is content to engage with, progress to be made, but all in all it's to help us improve the systems we have working on the sever.

We hope that helps clarify what we are expecting Beta to be. A chance to glimpse the RP potential, to dabble and experiment. To explore and learn, and more than likely destroy the economy I've spent months hypothesizing about! It can only be through this authentic test environment can we truly understand what works and what doesn't, or where any gaps might be that we can fill in.

Upcoming Content and Streaming.

Upon Launch of Beta, we are happy with the state of the server to be able to provide streamers a platform they may wish to stream from. So long as the above explanation of how the wipe works, and the functionality of the Beta Test is understood and accepted. We aren't anticipating you to lose any social connections and ties with people, and so expect stories to flow easily enough from Beta to Launch with very few hiccups.

As for us as the Staff team, we hope to begin turning those guides in the discord into video guides as well. We also plan to keep hosting Dev streams to provide the whole community an open platform to preview what we are working on, and ask any questions they may have.

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