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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I buy a house?

A: Details to come but the news will certainly get around when houses start becoming available. We intend to sell houses gradually to ensure great opportunities remain available for as long as possible for new folk entering Coyote State for the first time. Nothing can be more disheartening than entering a State and seeing everything sold at once or the population spread so thinly no one sees anyone! So we are monitoring things with a keen eye to ensure maximum co-operation and clarity in line with the progression of the State. We already have over 100 properties lined up for sale so keep an eye on the newspaper IC!



Q: Do I need TeamSpeak?

A: No. VC is all in game. PageUp to change distance you are talking. We have quite a range for all occasions we hope you enjoy.



Q: I want to know specific information relating to work or how to earn in county money?

A: If you question refers to mechanical non-RP related things (for example if you wanted to know how to crouch we can explain because you are roleplaying an adult who should know how to crouch), we can help, but anything to do with the nuances of economic and profit making, how to achieve something that can otherwise be done through simply the telling of the story, is the bread an butter of story making in roleplay... is the type of thing you learn in Character and would be encouraged to do so.

Q: My Friends and I have our own discord server for playing games on, can we use it?

A: Yes. It is typical of most servers to be against this, but we want that community engagement. Let us know about it and one of the team may want an invite so you have an even easier time keeping in touch with us. Just please do not use Voice chats to meta game. Once evidenced, the ban hammer will be equipped and relentlessly smashed on meta gamers telepathic abilities they shouldn't have! Good engagement will ensure your voice is heard and improve your RP experience.



Q: I have ideas to improve the server OR I want X script/Ymap/MLO In the server...

A: We welcome feedback and ideas so keep them coming. We won't make any promises to implement everything. If you are newer here, or simply state what scripts, Ymaps or MLOs you want in the server, it is likely that we won't be putting any attention on these. The server has gone through great lengths to provide us with what we have, and we will continue to develop it in the direction and vision we all share. If it ends up featuring your most beloved MLO, then great, but we would ask you not to suggest them as not to put yourself in a position where you may feel you earned the implementation of it for yourself.



Q: How do I become Law / Doctor?

A: Upon server launch, and a successful whitelist application, you'll be able to apply through out Ticket system on discord. Don't worry too much about prior experience, its just for a reference point. Being a quality Roleplayer is the key moreover than the standards of experience from any other server. 


Q: I Failed my whitelist application, how long do I have to wait until I can reapply?

A: You can reapply immediately, however we will probably respond with a timeframe of how long we might need you to wait as we manage other applications in order.



Q: Where are all the chats? / Discord troubles?

A: If you are Greenhorn or Whitelisted, you'll see which chats are relevant to you. If something is missing or not correct (maybe the bot went down and didn't apply a Greenhorn role automatically when you joined) just raise a ticket in ⁠support-tickets and we will get around to fixing that for you ASAP.


Q: Where do I start when I arrive?

A: You will have a choice of where you start your story. You will likely want to figure how to earn your keep. There are National Registration offices, and Job Center's, but they only reveal so much of what is out there to learn, find and do.

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