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Development Roadmap

Future citizens of Coyote Creek State. We have been hard at work developing the server and we have quite a full update to bring you!


In Alpha stage we want to host some 'developer streams' ran by Admin to encourage as big of a window as possible in community engagement. These non-RP streams will feature a member of the Admin team testing/tweaking code or venturing the world showcasing certain elements of the server and will mean they will be open to question about anything you wish. This is the most important time to hear your feedback before Beta.


Beta is on its way, and we've decided at that point, the server will be in a space where we are happy for Content Creators to stream content from this point onwards. We didn't want it sooner because in Alpha there will always be kinks and nuances of the fresh scripts in play, that we wanted to have polished out more for something like Beta where you can enjoy it more. It should allow for a good snippet of RP and exploration. We would also be opening up the job applications for Beta. Beta will be open for a short period of time, before closing for the final application of things we'd been working on, as well as any fixes we need to provide for Launch.


Once Launch comes around, there will be quite a lot happening in those early months as we establish ourselves, however there will be plenty of ways to help the player base get its footing and we'll cover that nearer the time.


Some questions and general statements answered for you.

Law and Beta, when?

Job applications are welcome at any time but won't be reviewed until near Beta start date. Beta itself is pending a few things and we are very hopeful of a 1st Quarter Beta, but this is a very tentative date as we want our Law Script in play before that happens, not to mention a few more bits and pieces in play for criminals.

What jobs are available?

This is a rather vast question. Some are whitelisted in that applications are needed (Doctor, Law enforcement) Some require a business as a hub, but a lot of jobs are quite free formed and even better than that we aim to provide many of the crafting stations as camp items, allowing your camps to specialize and cater to your job.

We will be expecting something like Ranching to be one of the later jobs that take off, considering it typically comes with the requirement of owning an expensive region of land, housing and pens.

There are some jobs that will involve voting such as our Governor, elected bi-monthly. They have a wide range of responsibilities which could involve supporting certain markets of business to making peace talks or improving funding for government paid jobs like Law and Doctor by running fundraising events.

Currently (I counted) we have well over 20 career paths to choose. From Ranching to Mining, Carpentry to being a Tailor. From Bounty Hunter to Chemist there isn't much in the way of going whatever route you wish and we have done our best to ensure few things are job locked, for example, everyone can farm as efficiently as the next person, or hunt as well as any other hunter.

(pictured above - with a recent massive overhaul on character/clothing customization, we wanted to put it to the test, showing off the vibrancy of colors in this very authentic fashion, combined with a few extra accessories that will be craft-able as well)

There is a noticeable interest in Indigenous RP, why?

One of the things that got myself invested in this server was seeing the rare emphasis on creating a space for Indigenous people to RP and be fleshed out more. Our starting block for this however is that there is no provision outside of a handful of garments, a run down reservation and a particular bow variant - not quite what we were hoping as a starting platform!

We wanted it to feel like Indigenous RP has equal investment in time and energy and can be as immersive as any other region (and playstyle) of the server. There are now more clothing items than before, they now have the choice to whitelist themselves to gain access to their own recipe book that contains historically accurate recipes for food, drink and items we felt would be wrong to make accessible for all.

At each step of the way, it feels particularly important to me to ensure that respect, authenticity, accuracy and dignity are at the forefront of our mind when we add new elements to enhance potential Indigenous RP.

Given the rights they will have in safeguarding their land within the RP, the job role they undertake to access the respective book comes with lawperson-like functionality to help them enforce the tribe law (and when called upon by a Marshal, the US Law, pending RP and treaties). With the effort put into it so far, we believe that Indigenous RP will find itself a home here in Coyote Creek, which feels very meaningful and important to provide. The enhancement of culture interwoven within the culture of the rest of the server enriches our entire community with both more enjoyable RP and opportunities to learn. What's not to love about such an opportunity.

I have been consulting as many people as I know with roots, ties and knowledge of Indigenous peoples to heighten authenticity and ensure respect is maintained throughout this creation process, and my door remains open to those who've yet to share, to get in touch if they are comfortable so I can hear your feedback.

I want to test!

Wonderful, open a General Ticket to volunteer! However we do want to really emphasize that being a Tester is NOT 'early access' - we really want high engagement, we have deadlines to work towards, we NEED feedback, and often. Someone applying for tester needs to have the tenacity to fulfil the role. We will be reviewing our Testers shortly just to make sure that all is well and understood about this element because it can knock our morale when this is misunderstood and misused.

That might sound intense, and to a certain point it is, however it is also fun and full of silliness as we stumble around bug hunting. What I particularly enjoy is the opportunity to see that feedback get worked on live and know that every detail is reviewed carefully. Your voice in such a role at this time is one of such high significance I don't think I've stressed it enough!


Even though its been a short amount of time between this article and the last one, we have been truly working flat out to provide as much development and growth as possible. Very soon, a draft Law SOP will be published for your feedback (as per the recent Law SOP event in the Discord, thank you to all who attended) and there will be another event soon for Doctor SOP discussions.

Any questions, queries, feedback, literally anything - our door remains open, ask in the Discord, if its private in some way ask through a General Ticket, and if you aren't whitelisted yet, what are you waiting for? We are happy to whitelist now as not to overwhelm ourselves at Beta and/or Launch, and our new ticket system makes for a more in depth process.

Thank you if you've made it to the end of this article, it means a lot to us to know you care.


Coyote Creek Admin Team

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