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Happy Holidays - Update on progress

A busy time of year, whether its work deadlines creeping up, or big family get togethers, I'm certain everyone has had a lot on their plate!

I am excited to put together this article today as a bit of an update on what we have planned in the coming year, as well as features we are currently testing.

We at Coyote Creek RP, believe that whilst there is a lot that can be done to bring together a server that is bespoke and unique in terms of mechanics and economy, the thing that makes a community great is the ethos and values we hold dear to us, and what we hope we can achieve.

We believe that it is imperative to not simply test things but relay feedback to and from our testing team to our developers and admin, and back again. Consistent community feedback is something we encourage. Whilst not every single thing can be actionable, we will always look for ways that aspects of the ideas and feedback can be incorporated. Given everyone a say in what we bring together so you can have the best time possible is the premise of what we are about, and very much how we started on this path ourselves seeking the same thing.

Now for some more of the exciting stuff!

Recent additions to our server include an entirely new system of mining and lumberyard working seen in very few other servers so far. It requires some rigorous testing but when complete, you are looking at purchasable companies that can be built dynamically in the world, where player staff can be hired to join said company and as such forge the cornerstones of the materials needed for so many aspects of the crafting. Some materials can be delivered, others can be used in literally any of the other job roles, whether used to build furniture or for parts to make guns and equipment.

Above: Builders hard at work constructing a hub of one of the Lumber Yards

Crafting books are also an amazingly bespoke element of Coyote Creek. Different recipes can be found in different books, allowing people to specialize in their field, or for some to seek out the rarest recipes in the server and take advantage of their niche.

There are more and more MLO's to visit as time passes! Some of the more recent additions include places such as Caliga's Hall, Blackwater Hotel, Pronghorn and MacFarland's Ranch, Guarma interiors and more! We hope to pop a lock on most of those and eventually include them in the realtor work so people will one day be able to own all of these houses in the future, to those with the cash to afford it!

Above: A stunning MLO that sits, waiting to be used for RP

We are always happy to bring more people into testing with us, the more hands on deck, the sooner things get into a playable state! We are hoping to release a Beta within the first quarter of 2024 if things go smoothly, more on that soon.

Be sure to come join our discord. If you are coming there on your own fruition, make sure to mention if you have an interest to help test with us. Otherwise, we will let you know when the Beta is coming and keep you all updated more frequently in the Discord.

Lastly, we at the Coyote Creek admin team wish everyone has a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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