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Houses Old and New

Boasting over 100 properties ready to enter the market, the realtors will be rushed off of their feet!

Alongside these properties, some old favorites, and some are new interiors altogether, we are excited to watch as stories unfold around them.

From the Blackwater Hotel, to the shacks of the Bayou to Caliga Hall and MacFarlane's Ranch, there are many properties beyond counting! The question rests upon, how will these be sold?

Allow me to then introduce you to The Coyote Courier. This trusty newspaper will be covering everything from hinting at some things you might expect to see in the future, to topical stories and shenanigans the people of Coyote Creek state are up to. It shall also notably feature Several houses per edition, which will be the ones considered 'up for sale' in that moment.

Our reasoning behind this, is to give ample time and opportunity to people who either new to the server, or who have had scheduling troubles, ample time to still earn their own property to live at. Nothing can be more discouraging than when every business and house has been bought - and so we hope with this strategy, we can monitor growth and community engagement in equal measure.

Some properties that are in high demand may end up as part of an auction.

In any case, upon the official launch, keep your eyes peeled for when the first Newspaper is published!

~ The Coyote Creek RP Admin Team

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