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Beta drawing close!

Coyote Creek State citizens! We are pleased to say that we have been hard at work, despite many personal challenges all of our team have been busy overcoming along the way.

Since our last article, we have been polishing and improving many aspects of the server as we also await some vital scripts to be freshly released by developers for us to delve, test and feedback for improvements. We want to share some of these now with you.


Law Enforcement

We have an exciting new script for our law enforcement. Law will be able to fully conduct and track investigations, there will be more information to gleam, including bullets retrieved from bodies to witnesses who have some useful information to follow.

For the convicted, time in prison comes with your very own cell to share with other like minded individuals. You can do chores to get on good behaviour and if you're lucky, leave a little sooner, but otherwise you'll be serving out your time. For the condemned that face the hangman's noose - that noose will enforce the permanent death of the convicted felon and wipe the character.

We like the feeling of some higher stakes at play, a fairer fight for law that doesn't require more than some critical thinking and good questions to help them track down their targets. We hope this will aid a more immersive RP experience for criminals who need to think much more carefully as well as law who have better trails to follow than older forms of law enforcement which had finite mechanics to aid immersion.

Fines issued will come with a period time for the offender to deliver payment. Those escaping prison will have bounty posters automatically issued onto the boards, as well as alarm bells will ring.

There will be a whole duty system, the pay is calculated by the time the lawman spends to the minute, so no more waiting for that next pay check, just get paid each time you clock out for the work you have done! Sheriffs will be able to review their staff, including if they are in county and not helping their fellow law enforcers and spending most of their time off duty, of course, each Sheriff may have their own views how they wish to address that or not.


Bounty Hunting

We like the Bounty Hunting system we have in place, though it functions separately from our law script. The law's script will issue player bounties, which support characters profile images and is customizable, and it may be possible to take up a Bounty Hunter role exclusively, to allow you to receive notifications for new player bounties that get posted.

The other system we've had in our test server for a while, will be an array of NPC bounty missions. These will be challenging missions, sometimes involve capture, other times require taking down an entire gang of hostiles. Not for the faint hearted! Has the opportunity to bring in a tidy sum of money though. These posters will have less bespoke information, but state the rough whereabouts and times you might find the wanted criminal, to help you track down and either take down or bring in the felon/s.


Post Office

We have a fun mail system we're eager to get into use. Initially to help players get on their feet, Post Offices will be owned by the State - however these will be purchasable by players. From the post office, they can upgrade to send mail to other counties within Coyote Creek State, and we can optionally add couriers to run mail to houses. It is also possible for us to implement the means to intercept couriers and take their mail instead.

The mail itself will be having a bit of an overhaul from its current state, into something more authentic, but you'll be able to type out, carry and edit to your hearts content, the telegram you wish to send, and then issue them once happy with it.

If we result in having mailboxes at houses, these can be used as drop off locations for items as well.


Community Engagement

With Beta just on the horizon, and we make more and more steps towards that and polishing up of various scripts we've been testing over the course of the last 7 months of development we will be chiming in to hear your thoughts, views and suggestions.

We have always maintained an open door policy and welcome ideas, so please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas. We can't promise what turns up in the final product will be what is suggested every time, but we can assure that we are open to hearing all ideas.

As far as content we have planned, we intend to pull together YouTube videos, some for explainers and basics for new role-players and some videos to help people acquaint themselves with the mechanics of the sever and help people get to grips with what we have in store as we feel that a basic knowledge should be enough to help people get by and then from there allows them to learn the intricacies themselves going forwards.

We hope you share in the excitement of what we are bringing to the table and are aware of our quieter selves in recent weeks. Our lead developer has had some vital exams which he passed whilst another has been busy essay writing and taking up university placements, if ever in doubt, with anything, our door is always open and we can't stress that enough that we truly want to have a solid engagement with this community as it is a core part of our ethos.


There will be an announcement very soon with the date we aim to launch Beta from, so stay tuned by being part of the Discord. Whitelist applications are welcome, as we want to keep ahead of the curve as not to overburden our staff team on launch of the beta.

As ever, thank you for all of you who have sat patiently anticipating our server, the law script has come a little later than we had anticipated which has thrown us a tiny bit behind, but we are working hard to bring it altogether for Beta!


~The Coyote Creek Admin Team

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