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Steady Growth and Progress.

As 2024 gets into full swing, we find ourselves immersed within the vastness of all things testing and expanding.

Over the last few months we have seen much unexpected growth, and are happy to see so many faces, old and new, come and join our efforts in building a place for people to truly experience a truly immersive and positive roleplay environment.

Our moderator team, mapping team, crafting team and testers have seen a good bolster in numbers which has helped us set in motion our plans and strategies in ensuring good community management.

We eagerly are anticipating the final phase of our testing before we can begin to discuss Beta. This mainly comes in the form of the implementation and configuration of our law. Laws have been written and SOP's are being drafted, but the mechanical aspect is pending.

Meanwhile, our mapping team have been whizzing around all of Coyote Creek State, tidying up properties to make them more livable and accessible. Our Crafting team have been pondering the recipes many of us will be pouring over as we rush to build our businesses and strive for success!

The Peyakôskân Nation will reside in Ambarino, early days of launch, the Tribe will be in the midst of expecting to hear from Government regarding a treaty offering them sovereignty

We also see new content pouring into the server, from Indigenous attire, headbands and feathers, to the Saint Denis Train Station Interior, to the addition of time-period accurate music to the saloons accross the lands (non copyrighted of course) to further add to the vastness of what we aim to create.

Our goal, whilst ambitious, is to create a perfect environment for people to truly explore the story of the characters they create. The celebrations and hardships of those stories that will make them epic, and I am excited to see what stories are crafted from this.

How will you build your characters story? Where do they go in their spare time? What goals might they have and who might they associate with?

Our next article will aim to provide you the details on the Beta to answer any questions, and let you know what you can expect during that second phase of our testing which we are steadily working towards.

We at the Coyote Creek RP team want to express our thanks to all who have contributed and to all who continue to do so. Every bit of positive help, testing and feedback helps get us towards the construction of the server, and one step closer to experiencing RP to our hearts content and perhaps, just maybe, we can almost see a glint of light where the end of this tunnel might be.

If you are new and reading this, congratulations getting this far in the article! The main menu has a link to our Discord page, and from there you are welcome to create a whitelist application. You can specify if you are waiting for launch or wish to assist with the testing at Beta.

Looking forwards to seeing where this road takes us all, and glad to have you with us.

~ Coyote Creek Admin Team

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